My Follow List

In order to write this blog, I need to get information from a variety of sources, especially since the topics are so broad. These are the sites that I frequent and/or subscribe to in order to write this blog. Also listed are some of my fellow bloggers that run great sites that will have information on these and other topics. All of these sites are fantastic, and I suggest you check them out.

Anime News Network -- probably the most "no duh" site on this list. It's a great source for everything anime. It pretty much sets the standard for breaking news in anime.
Yuppie Universe -- although dedicated to more than just anime, this blog has some of the most fantastic manga/anime bloggers on the net. Rio and Ria do an excellent job of writing witty, humorous articles on their favorite anime. Highly recommended.

Science -- a great site for science news. Always has interesting articles and fun reads. Fascinating stuff, great for expanding your mind.
TVTropes -- an excellent Wiki for literary analysis and pop-culture "tropes" -- best defined as motifs that span literature. Overall a great site, but beware, as it is very addictive.